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The Kercher family contacted us, not for a custom home build, but a custom remodel of a three bedroom and one and a half bath home on their property. As previous custom home clients, they had already built a relationship with us and trusted our process and finished product. The farmhouse was originally the homeowner’s grandparents’ home, adding sentimental value to the house. They wanted us to keep the structure intact and asked to keep as much of the original home as possible. The homeowner’s goal was to use the finished home as a rental property. 

Updating the Original Foundation

The family room was fully remodeled with a new gas fireplace, giving this common area a cozy and inviting atmosphere. We installed new flooring and revamped the lighting.

Since the goal was to keep the house as true to the original build as possible, we decided that it was important to use original home fixtures as embellishments to keep the charm of the home intact. In the stairwell and hallway up to the second floor, we refinished the original stairs and railing. We also fully remodeled the hallway with new drywall, electrical, and flooring.

The main foyer had beautiful original stairs that we wanted to keep intact. We maintained the stairs and added a support beam, which worked seamlessly into the remodel.

We knew we had to keep the bedroom’s original farmhouse beaming intact since it was a strong focal point, so we worked around it by installing new drywall, electrical, flooring, and gave the room a fresh coat of paint. We took the same remodeling process for the master bedroom, but we also painted the original farmhouse flooring for an understated, rustic touch.

We fully remodeled the full bathroom with an all-new toilet, two-piece shower, and tub unit, countertop, windows, cabinetry, and of course, new electrical and plumbing.